Selected travels

Steinmeier pledges additional support for Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine remains tense

As the crisis in Crimea continues, Steinmeier visited Kyiv and Donetsk to get an idea of the situation and show support for Ukraine on its difficult road to increased stability. more

Ukraine: Talks in Brussels, Geneva and Berne

Foreign Minister Steinmeier and UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon greet each other in Geneva

Foreign Minister Steinmeier has two days of crisis diplomacy behind him. A review of the talks with the EU foreign ministers, with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and with UN Secretary‑General Ban. more

German-Israeli intergovernmental consultations

Arrangement on consular assistance concluded: Foreign Ministers Steinmeier and Liberman

At the German-Israeli intergovernmental consultations in Jerusalem, Foreign Ministers Steinmeier and Liberman signed an arrangement on consular assistance for Israeli citizens. more