The Federal Foreign Minister's travels

Working closely with Washington – Foreign Minister Gabriel in the United States

Long and intensive talks: Sigmar Gabriel and Rex Tillerson

For the third time since taking up office, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel was in the United States for talks on Tuesday (29 August). He discussed pressing issues and crises in international politics with his counterpart Rex Tillerson. One key issue was the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula. Gabriel spoke to Henry Kissinger about the dangers of nuclear armament. The time for diplomacy Departing for the United States: Gabriel’s third visit since... more

Helping countries to help their neighbours – Foreign Minister Gabriel visits Uganda

Gabriel with refugees from South Sudan

War and starvation have driven more than 1.3 million people from South Sudan across the border to Uganda. The neighbouring country’s willingness to help has so far managed to prevent an even greater migration crisis. Foreign Minister Gabriel wants to provide even more support to the country before it is too late.  Foreign Minister Gabriel visiting a refugee camp in in northern Uganda ... more

From Krasnodar to Moscow: Gabriel’s third visit to Russia

Foreign Minister Gabriel talking to his Russian counterpart Lavrov

On 28 June, Foreign Minister Gabriel travelled to the Russian city of Krasnodar for the town-twinning conference and then from there to Moscow. more

Fighting the tide of instability – Foreign Minister Gabriel visits Libya

Visit to a detention center in Tripolis

Visit to a divided country. Libya’s deeply estranged forces must now show a willingness to compromise in order to stabilise the country. more

What binds Germany and Mexico

Gabriel with President Peña Nieto

The list of things which Germany and Mexico have in common is long – as Foreign Minister Gabriel discovered during his visit on Friday (19 May 2017). more

Gabriel back in Washington: Transatlantic partnership benefits both sides

Foreign Minister Gabriel met the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Foreign Minister Gabriel travelled to the United States on Wednesday (17 May) for the second time since taking up office. more

Foreign Minister Gabriel in Yad Vashem to mark Yom Hashoah

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel with German Ambassador Clemens von Goetze at a memorial ceremony in Yad Vashem.

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel is visiting Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem in Jerusalem on Yom Hashoah, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. more

“There is great optimism” – Iraq at a crossroads

During his trip, Gabriel also visited a landmine-clearance project near Mosul

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel travelled to Iraq on 19 April. Talks with the Iraqi Government focused on the comprehensive approach to stabilisation Germany pursues in the country. 

Albania: caught between progress and political standstill

Foreign Minister Gabriel with Ditmir Bushati at the joint press conference in Tirana.

On Easter Monday (17 April), Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel travelled to Tirana for political talks. more

Gabriel in Mali: working to bring stabilisation

The mission: German UN peacekeepers in Mali

On his trip, Foreign Minister Gabriel showes why the Bundeswehr engagement in Mali is now more important than ever. more

Foreign Minister Gabriel travels to Ukraine

Klimkin and Gabriel

On 2 March, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel visited Ukraine more

Gabriel in Italy: More courage for Europe

Foreign Minister Gabriel with Prime Minister Gentiloni

The inaugural visit to Rome was significant not only because of the special relationship between Germany and Italy. more

Gabriel in the US: “We are closely united by shared values”

Talks with US Vice President Mike Pence

Talks with the new US Administration: Sigmar Gabriel meets US Vice President Mike Pence and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Washington more

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