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The Energiewende

The Energiewende

Secure, sustainable and affordable energy for the 21st century. Federal Foreign Office, 2015.

Broschüre Standort Bonn

Bonn: center for international cooperation and sustainable development

Federal Foreign Office, 2016, 32 pages

Who is Who Energiewende

Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany

Contact Partners in Politics, Industry and Society. Federal Foreign Office, 2015.

Syria and the surrounding region in the spotlight of German foreign policy

Syria and the surrounding region in the spotlight of German foreign policy

Foreign Office, 2016

Germany's support for police rebuilding in Afghanistan

Germany's support for police reform in Afghanistan

March 2012

10 Reasons for Europe

10 Reasons for Europe

Federal Foreign Office, March 2014

LAK-Konzept engl

Germany, Latin America and the Caribbean: A Strategy Paper by the German Government

Federal Foreign Office

Federal Foreign Office

The Federal Foreign Office - Facts and Figures

October 2016

Interior views: The Federal Foreign Office

Interior views: The Federal Foreign Office

Federal Foreign Office

(14 pages; 25 g)

 Germany online

Germany online

Federal Foreign Office

(8 pages; 15 g)

The European Security and Defence Policy

The European Security and Defence Policy

Federal Ministry of Defence and Federal Foreign Office

(43 pages; 105 g)

2014 Annual Disarmament Report

2014 Annual Disarmament Report - Review and Prospects

Federal Government Report on Progress on Arms Control, Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and the Development of the Capabilities of the Armed Forces (2014 Annual Disarmament Report) - Review and Prospects (44 pages)


Dialogue with the Islamic World

Edition Diplomatie

(English/German; 91 pages; 215 g)


Beyond Cold Peace: Strategies for Economic Reconstruction and Post-Conflict Management

Edition Diplomatie

Conference report (154 pages; 200 g) 
Keynote speeches, conference presentations and working group summaries contained in this report provide a virtual anthology of the field of post-conflict reconstruction.

Globalisierungskonzept der Bundesregierung

Shaping Globalization – Expanding Partnerships – Sharing Responsibility

A strategy paper by the German Government

 Illicit trade in cultural property

Illicit trade in cultural property is threatening humanity's cultural heritage

Take note of the national export regulations for cultural property

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