I have arrived in a neighbouring country – what happens next?

23.12.2021 - FAQ


Once German nationals, local employees or individuals at particular risk, as well as members of their immediate families, have arrived in a neighbouring country, the German mission there can provide assistance. This covers assistance with their onward journey and, if necessary, the issuance of documents that they need to enter Germany, as well as informing the Länder, in order to ensure that they are assigned to a reception centre. It is necessary, however, for local employees and those at particular risk, as well as the family members leaving with them, to have been notified in advance by the German Government of their intended admission. In the case of local employees, this is usually done by their former or previous employer; in the case of those at particular risk, this is carried out by an external service provider on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office.

Our missions in the neighbouring states and the region provide further information on this on their Websites:







As a general rule, local employees and persons at particular risk who have approval for admission to Germany can apply for a visa at any German Mission.

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