FAQ: Assistance leaving Afghanistan

17.10.2022 - Article

The German Government continues to work hard to find ways to help people for whom Germany bears a special responsibility leave Afghanistan safely. What are the next steps?

Thanks to our military evacuation, more than 5300 people have been flown from Kabul to safety. Moreover, since the end of the military operation, several thousand more people for whom Germany bears a special responsibility have been able, with our help, to leave Afghanistan overland or on civilian flights. We are continuing these support efforts.

We are currently receiving lots of enquiries asking what specifically the German Government is doing to help people leave Afghanistan. We have therefore drawn up this list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), which will be constantly updated.

Our efforts are targeting German nationals, local employees of German agencies and Afghans who have been identified by the German Government as being particularly at risk, and who have received approval for admission to Germany from the German Government. The immediate families – normally spouse and minor, unmarried children – of these people are also included.

We are also keeping an eye on people who submit visa applications for family reunification at the German missions in New Delhi and Islamabad. The German Government is working to improve the processing of visa applications for Afghan family members.

In addition, the Federal Government implemented a Humanitarian Admission Program. All information are available here: Bundesaufnahmeprogramm Afghanistan

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