Steinmeier and Gabriel open international energy conference in Berlin

26.03.2015 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel have opened the first “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue” today (26 March) at the Federal Foreign Office. The conference is the first meeting in Berlin of representatives of 60 countries, foreign ministers and ministers of energy as well as high-level representatives from business, science, administration and civil society. The aim of the international energy dialogue is to present the German energy transition and discuss experiences and next steps with international partners. The exchange provides a forum to develop stimuli for the energy policy of the future, also with a view to the Global Climate Conference COP21 that will take place in Paris in December 2015.

Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier speaking on the conference today (26 March) in Berlin:

Germany is a global leader when it comes to future-oriented energy systems. We are demonstrating that environmental protection, security of energy supply and economic growth fit together, that they are not mutually exclusive. The Federal Government supports German companies in the energy sector in bringing their innovative, efficient and environmentally-friendly products to foreign markets. Together with our partners from around the world, we are intent on developing ways to achieve a sustainable, safe and cost-efficient system of energy supply.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel commenting on the energy conference today in Berlin (26 March):

The energy transition in Germany, founded upon the two central pillars of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, is one of Germany’s central projects for the future. It will enable us to reduce our dependency on oil and gas imports while reaching our climate protection targets and, not least of all, to advance the development and use of new and promising technologies in global markets. The success of the energy transition, however, hinges upon close coordination with our European and international partners. The first ’Berlin Energy Transition Platform’ provides an excellent platform to achieve this.

Dr. Fritz Brickwedde, BEE President, speaking on the topic today (26 March) in Berlin:

Renewable energy sources are a boon to both business and climate protection. For only with renewable energy sources can we make our energy supply system CO2-free while at the same time ensuring security of supply and strengthening local value creation. And what's more, an energy transition that is oriented toward the citizens is an innovation driver for both industry and the small and medium-sized business sector. Germany has proven this in exemplary fashion.

Additional information:

Security of supply, affordability and resource and climate protection are the central challenges of energy supply around the world. The importance of renewable energy sources is therefore on the rise. More and more countries are focusing on expanding these sustainable and climate-friendly sources of energy.

Germany has set out ambitious targets for the expansion of renewable energy sources, the increase of energy efficiency and the reduction of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases. The energy transition has become a trademark with global appeal. The Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy are therefore using this conference as a platform to introduce the German approach to international partners.

The path to an energy supply system powered by renewable resources is not without hurdles. The Federal Government sees itself as a mediator and catalyst of ideas when it comes to energy-related questions. An important element of German foreign policy is the creation of networks to promote a sustainable system of energy supply. With this conference, the Federal Government aims to reinforce these networks and pave the way, through a process of dialogue with its international partners, towards a global energy transition that takes into account both the specific and often very different challenges faced by individual countries.

Germany is a leader in the development of energy technologies of the future. With the “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue”, the Federal Government supports the innovators in industry and research in developing new markets abroad.

The conference will be held in English.

More information is available at: www.energiewende2015.com

You can participate in social media discussions on the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue under #energiewende2015.

A digital press kit of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue is available at: www.energiewende2015.com/press

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