Minister of State Pieper opens exhibition on diplomats’ reports about 1938 November pogroms

10.11.2013 - Press release

Minister of State Cornelia Pieper is opening the exhibition entitled “From the Inside to the Outside – The 1938 November Pogroms in Diplomatic Reports from Germany” on Monday, 11 November.

This is the first joint exhibition by the Federal Foreign Office and the Centrum Judaicum showing foreign diplomats’ reports on the anti-Jewish pogroms of November 1938.

Most of them are hitherto unknown reports which the Federal Foreign Office and German Embassies around the world have collected, in collaboration with the archives of those countries which maintained diplomatic missions in Germany in 1938. The exhibition shows how diplomats perceived the terrible incidents on the streets, the suffering of the victims and the response of the population and reported on them to the capital cities of their home countries.

Academic advisers to the exhibition are Dr Hermann Simon (Centrum Judaicum), Prof. Michael Wildt (HU Berlin), Dr Christian Dirks (BergZwo) and Dr Martin Kröger (Federal Foreign Office).

More Informationen on the exhibition(in German)

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