Minister of State Link and Minister Cazeneuve happy with progress on the Franco-German work programme Agenda 2020

22.01.2013 - Press release

At the Franco-German Council of Ministers today (22 January) in Berlin marking the 50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty, the two Commissioners for Franco-German Cooperation, Minister of State Michael Georg Link and Minister for Europe Bernard Cazeneuve, together took stock of the Franco-German work programme Agenda 2020.

Minister of State Link issued the following statement:

“Even just three years after the adoption of the ambitious Franco-German Agenda 2020, the first assessment is positive. To date, more than two thirds of the projects have either been successfully implemented or are well underway.
Particularly striking examples are the setting up of the Trinational Metropolitan Region of the Upper Rhine, joint training for German and French diplomats and the establishment of a joint station for the water police on the Rhine. A quarter of the projects still need proactive involvement on the part of governments and the political determination of both countries if progress is to be made on implementation, for example, in the case of fleet tests in the sphere of electric mobility.”

Agenda 2020 was adopted at the 12th Franco-German Council of Ministers in February 2010. The bilateral work programme lists more than 80 joint projects in various political spheres.

Franco-German Agenda 2020 (German only): www.bundesregierung.de

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