Federal Minister Westerwelle calls for end to Gilad Shalit’s ordeal

24.06.2011 - Press release

On the eve of the 5th anniversary of the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit on 25 June 2006, Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle today (24 June) issued the following statement:

“Gilad Shalit has now been held captive for more than 1800 days. Since 2009 there has been no official indication that he is still alive.
Our Israeli friends are deeply moved by Gilad Shalit’s plight and so are we. His appalling ordeal must finally end, his release is a humanitarian imperative. That is what we demand of his captors.
We are continuing to do everything in our power to bring about Gilad Shalit’s release.”

Foreign Minister Westerwelle has publicly appealed to Gilad Shalit’s captors for his release on repeated occasions, including on his most recent trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories on 14 June.

On 7 November 2010 Foreign Minister Westerwelle met the Shalit family in Jerusalem.

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