Westerwelle: “New START” ratification opens way for decade of disarmament.

Obama and Medvedev are signing the New Start treaty, Prague, 8.4.2010

Obama and Medvedev are signing the “New Start” treaty, Prague, 8.4.2010, © picture-alliance/dpa

22.12.2010 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle welcomed the ratification of the 'New START' treaty by the U.S. Senate. He now counts on Russia to ratify the treaty quickly.

Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle today (22 Dec) issued the following statement on the ratification of the follow-up agreement to the START treaty (“New START”) between the USA and Russia:

“With the ratification of 'New START,' the USA sets the course for a decade of disarmament and affirms President Obama's vision for a world free of nuclear weapons.
We are counting on Russia to now also ratify the treaty quickly. A successful conclusion of 'New START' would be a quantum leap for the worldwide efforts at nuclear disarmament and a clear signal that both leading nuclear powers take seriously their disarmament obligations.
'New START' could at the same time smooth the way for further negotiations that would include the reduction in number of so-called tactical nuclear weapons.
Disarmament and arms control are not yesterday's concerns. They are pressing tasks of the present and of the future. We will use our membership in the UN Security Council over the next two years to work determinedly together with our partners for further concrete advances in disarmament.”

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