Federal Government increases support for police force in Afghanistan

16.12.2008 - Press release

Germany is increasing its support for the international Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA) by 3 million euro. The funds will be used to establish and equip police stations, to finance pensions for surviving dependents and to improve the administrative structures for paying salaries.

A well-trained and adequately paid police force is one of the key pillars of the Afghan security sector. Additionally, receiving a salary regularly and having the proper equipment is essential for the police officers' motivation.

At the request of Afghan Minister of the Interior Atmar, the Federal Foreign Office is providing 1.6 million euro to build and equip 1000 police checkpoints across the country. This will make future operations possible regardless of the weather. 1.4 million euro are envisioned for paying pensions to the surviving dependents of deceased or disabled police officers and improving the administrative structures for paying salaries.

Germany has taken on a leading role in building up the Afghan security forces. In October the Federal Government provided 10 million euro to pay police officers' salaries.

The international Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOFTA) was created in 2002. Between 2006-2008 its funds amounted to just under 300 million euro. The fund is administered by the United Nations (UNDP). Payments are distributed by the Afghan government. The funds come from international donors. Donations from European countries and the EU Commission totalling roughly 130 million euro make up the largest portion of the fund.

In its new Afghanistan policy paper, the German Government underscores its objective of doing yet more to support civilian reconstruction. In 2008 alone, funding for civilian reconstruction was increased by over 70% to 170.7 million euro.

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