Humanitarian aid works – Federal Foreign Office organizes conference to evaluate humanitarian aid

02.12.2008 - Press release

The 24th Biannual Meeting of the Active Learning Network on Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP) is taking place in the Federal Foreign Office today (2 December) and tomorrow. More than 120 international experts are examining how humanitarian aid can be used most effectively and how the impact of this aid can be measured. Participants include representatives of governments, NGOs, the Red Cross movement, UN humanitarian agencies and academia, as well as independent experts.

At the opening, Ambassador Busso von Alvensleben, Deputy Director-General responsible for Global Issues at the Federal Foreign Office, said, “How we provide humanitarian aid is just as important as the aid itself. To be successful we have to be credible and to be credible we have to be successful”.

The aim of the conference is to identify suitable instruments for analysing the impact of humanitarian aid and to draw conclusions from this for future relief measures. ALNAP was established in 1997 after the emergency aid to Rwanda had been evaluated with a view to – in a first stage – improving the organization and effectiveness of humanitarian aid, as well as enhancing accountability and responsibility.

On behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal Foreign Office is hosting the ALNAP meeting for the first time.

For further information and the final report see www.alnap.org

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