500,000 euro for the people of Zimbabwe – State Secretary meets opposition leader Tsvangirai

20.11.2008 - Press release

The State Secretary of the Federal Foreign Office, Reinhard Silberberg, today met Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Given the escalating humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe, State Secretary Silberberg expressed strong concern about the delay in forming a transition government with the full involvement of Tsvangirai's party. Zimbabwe urgently needed a fresh political and economic start, he said. For that to happen, he continued, the current government led by Robert Mugabe finally had to return to the negotiating table and play a constructive role.As a signal of solidarity with the Zimbabwean people, State Secretary Silberberg, on behalf of Federal Minister Steinmeier, pledged an additional half-million euro in humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering in that country.

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