Federal Minister Steinmeier counting on US cooperation in fighting climate change: “The world needs a New Green Deal!”

06.11.2008 - Press release

Today (6 November) at the opening of the high-level international climate conference hosted by the Federal Foreign Office in Freiburg, Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier called for closer cooperation between Europe and the US on climate protection.

While a number of global and national challenges await the next US Administration, the commitment to the climate that Senator Obama expressed during his campaign was sincere: “Obama is aware of America's global responsibility,” said Steinmeier.

Steinmeier continued, “climate change is one of the challenges where we will either stand or fall together.” He called for close European-American cooperation and advocated including new partners as well, saying, “the world needs a New Green Deal!”

“We couldn't have chosen a better time for this conference, 24 hours after the US election,” stated the Federal Foreign Minister.

The Minister mentioned other current German transatlantic cooperation initiatives such as the transatlantic climate bridge and efforts to promote emissions trading. The goal is to integrate different systems into a global emissions trading system.

The keynote speaker at the opening event, apart from the Federal Foreign Minister, was the Indian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri. Steinmeier commended the IPCC's commitment, “Without the IPCC the world would not be so convinced that we must fight climate change.”

The conference Climate Change as a Security Threat: Strategies for Policy-Makers, Science and Business held in Freiburg (6 - 7 November 2008) is hosted by the Federal Foreign Office and the city of Freiburg in cooperation with Adelphi Research. The conference will focus on the effects of climate change on peace and security as well as on developing policy options.

Further current information on the opening event can be found on the Federal Foreign Office's website at http://www.diplo.de and on the conference website: http://www.freiburg-konferenz.de.

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