Germany and China resume strategic dialogue

10.10.2008 - Press release

Deutschland und China nehmen den strategischen Dialog auf Staatssekretärsebene wieder auf. Am 09. Oktober führte Staatssekretär Silberberg im Auswärtigen Amt Gespräche mit einer chinesischen Delegation. Gleichzeitig besuchte eine 10-köpfige Gruppe deutschsprachiger chinesischer Jungdiplomaten auf Einladung des Bundesaußenministers die Bundesrepublik, absolvierte ein umfangreiches Informationsprogramm und traf am 10. Oktober mit Steinmeier zusammen.

Germany and China are resuming their strategic dialogue, which had been suspended for a while, at State Secretary level. Yesterday (9 October), State Secretary Reinhard Silberberg held talks in the Federal Foreign Office with a Chinese delegation led by Assistant Foreign Minister Wu Hongbo. Moreover, ten young German-speaking Chinese diplomats are on an extensive fact-finding trip in Germany at the invitation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

To mark his meeting with the young diplomats, Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier issued the following statement today (10 October) in Berlin:

“We are pleased that the strategic dialogue between our countries is being resumed. Particularly at this time, it is becoming ever clearer that the key global challenges of the future can only be mastered if we work together. Germany and China therefore want to place the work between their Foreign Ministries on an even broader basis in future.”

Federal Minister Steinmeier proposed the start of a regular strategic dialogue between the two Foreign Ministries during his first visit to China as Foreign Minister in 2005. Within the framework of the dialogue process, the State Secretaries of the two Ministries meet once a year in either Berlin or Beijing for extensive consultations and to coordinate policies on bilateral and international issues.

Germany and China have set up a host of regular dialogue fora in the political, economic, academic and cultural spheres. The human rights dialogue, due to be resumed in Beijing in early November, is especially important to the German Government. Günter Nooke, the Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy, will travel to Beijing for that purpose.

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