Federal Minister Steinmeier on the dismissal of the Prussian Claims Society's complaint by the European Court of Human Rights

09.10.2008 - Press release

The European Court of Human Rights today (Thursday, 9 October) dismissed the complaint of the Prussian Claims Society (Preussische Treuhand GmbH & Co. KG) against Poland regarding the displacement and expropriation of German nationals in the period 1944-1945 as being inadmissible.

In this connection Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier today (9 October) issued the following statement in Berlin:

“I welcome today's decision by the European Court of Human Rights. The Court has made it clear that no claims against Poland for the restitution of the property of displaced persons can be derived from the European Convention on Human Rights. The decision confirms the Federal Government's view that no outstanding property issues exist between Germany and Poland in connection with the Second World War.

The aim of Germany's foreign policy is to progress farther along the path of understanding and reconciliation with Poland. Without wishing to blot out the difficult chapter of the past, we want to concentrate on looking ahead to Germany's and Poland's future as neighbours and close partners in Europe.”

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