Zimbabwe: Federal Foreign Office increases humanitarian aid by 1 million euro

22.09.2008 - Press release

The Federal Foreign Office has donated a further one million euro in humanitarian aid for Zimbabwe, which now stands at around two million euro. Despite the new power-sharing agreement between President Mugabe and Prime Minister-designate Tsvangirai, the plight of the Zimbabwean population remains extremely grim. In cooperation with German and international aid agencies various projects to help people in need are to be funded. New projects are in the pipeline to supply emergency medical care and supplementary feeding.

This year the Federal Foreign Office has already made available around 800,000 euro for seven humanitarian aid projects in Zimbabwe. Some 400,000 euro went to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for its emergency aid and protection work and some 250,000 euro to the HELP e.V. aid agency for two emergency medical care projects. With the help of church organizations, the German Embassy in Harare has supported also a number of projects to provide emergency medical care for people who have sought refuge in churches after being driven from their homes as well as other victims of violence.

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