German-Chinese economic relations: Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier meets Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Zhang in Hamburg

09.09.2008 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier will meet today (10.09.) in Hamburg with Zhang Dejiang, Deputy Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China to discuss economic policy and hold bilateral talks.

In the afternoon, Steinmeier and Zhang will visit the Airbus plant in Finkenwerder and in the evening take part in the event entitled “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe”, by invitation of the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg. The “Hamburg Summit” is organized by the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg every two years as an important forum for European and Chinese representatives from the economic and political spheres.

Within the context of their joint schedule, Steinmeier and Zhang will also discuss bilateral German-Chinese relations, as well as address topical issues on the international agenda.

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