60th anniversary of the Organization of American States

01.06.2008 - Press release

The Organization of American States (OAS) convenes today for its annual session, at which the member states will discuss topical political and economic issues. The meeting is however of special significance because this year the OAS celebrates the 60th anniversary of the signing of its Charter. To mark the occasion, Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier made the following statement today (1 June):

“My sincere congratulations to the Organization of American States, which today celebrates the 60th year of its existence.

In the six decades since its inception, the OAS has acquired considerable authority and credibility as an international stakeholder. It is a major contributor to securing peace, democracy and the rule of law on the American continent. Its importance for easing tensions and resolving conflicts has become especially clear in this present year.

The OAS may continue to count on Germany's support in performing its vital duties.”

All 35 American states are members of the OAS. Germany has had observer status since 1972.

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