Federal Government provides the United Nations Standing Fund for Peacebuilding with US$ 10 million

07.03.2008 - Press release

The UN Standing Fund for Peacebuilding finances sustainable peacekeeping measures for post-conflict states. Today (7 March), at an expert meeting on “The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission – First review and the future role of Germany and the EU” in the Federal Foreign Office, Minister of State Gernot Erler announced that Germany will pay US$ 10 million into this fund. The conference is organized by the Interministerial Steering Group for Civilian Crisis Prevention in cooperation with the Development and Peace Foundation.

The Standing Fund is part of the comprehensive institutional architecture through which the UN engages in the political and economic reconstruction of post-conflict states. Using coherent overall strategies the aim is to coordinate international commitment and mobilize resources.

For example, last year the UN Peacebuilding Commission, together with the Sierra Leone government, drew up a cooperation framework covering five priority areas, the implementation of which is designed to help the country along the road to peace and stability. This framework strategy aims to create jobs for young people, reform the justice and security sector, consolidate democracy and good governance and build capacity in the energy sector. The Standing Fund has made US$ 35 million available for concept implementation, while an identical sum has also been provided for a similar project in Burundi.

Germany actively participates in global peacemaking measures. The basis for this, among other things, is a Federal Government Action Plan on Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding drawn up in May 2004. Germany is also a member of the Peacebuilding Commission's Organizational Committee, and as such it actively helps shape the Commission's programme.

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