Federal Minister Steinmeier welcomes agreement in Kenya

28.02.2008 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed great relief at the news that the parties to the conflict in Kenya had reached agreement. He issued the following statement today (28 February) in Hanoi:

“I am pleased that agreement has been reached today in Kenya. It means that Kenya has seized the chance to resolve its domestic crisis peacefully and to return to a situation of stability. My thanks go in particular to Kofi Annan, who has been untiring in urging the parties to the conflict to come to an agreement and who chaired the long and difficult negotiations which brought the breakthrough. Now it is a matter of rapidly implementing today's agreement on the basic structures for a partnership between the parties. I hope that the spirit of this agreement will help bring reconciliation among Kenya's ethnic groups and smooth the way for coming to grips with recent events.”

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