Federal Minister Steinmeier welcomes Colombia's ratification of the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty

31.01.2008 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier welcomes Colombia's ratification of the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). He issued the following statement in Berlin today (31 January):

“There has been much good news surrounding the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty in recent times. I welcome the fact that Colombia, one of the remaining ten states whose ratification is required for the CTBT to enter into force, has acceded to the Treaty.

The Federal Government regards this step as an encouraging sign along the road towards the universalization of the CTBT.

The number of states which must ratify the Treaty before it can enter into force has now fallen to nine. I once again call upon all states which have not yet signed or ratified the CTBT to do so as soon as possible.”

Nuclear disarmament and strengthening nuclear non-proliferation are key pillars of German foreign policy. The aim of the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) dating from 1996 is a comprehensive ban on nuclear tests. 178 of 192 states have signed the CTBT to date, while 144, including Colombia, have ratified it.

For the Treaty to enter into force, 44 states named in Annex II of the Treaty, including Colombia, have to ratify. These states possessed nuclear power plants or research reactors when the negotiations on the CTBT took place in 1996. A total of 35 of these states have now ratified the CTBT, including the nuclear-weapon powers France, Britain and Russia. Nine of these Annex II states have not yet done so.

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