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The Federal Foreign Office Help Desk is happy to provide you with information, either on the phone or by email, on all matters within its remit.

The heart and soul of the Help Desk are the specially selected members of the Federal Foreign Office staff who act as central contacts for members of the public seeking specific information on consular matters, particular countries or other issues.

This central service is particularly important for the public as it enables them to get answers to all sorts of questions from one place, without having to go from pillar to post.

When providing information, the staff can fall back on the collective expertise of the various departments of the Federal Foreign Office as well as Germany’s embassies and consulates abroad.

The staff of the Help Desk can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 15:00. Please call 030-5000 2000.

For travel restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic please refer to  “Coronavirus: 4 things travelers to Germany should know” and contact the competent authorities directly if you have questions.

For all other enquiries please use the contact form  and make sure to choose the correct topic.

As well as dealing with phone calls, the staff of the Help Desk answers questions sent by email, fax or letter. In ongoing matters both in Germany and abroad (e.g. visa applications, cases of imprisonment, etc.) the specialist divisions at the Federal Foreign Office remain the first port of call.

Members of the public wanting to receive publications can contact the Federal Foreign Office brochure dispatch office directly.

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9.00 – 15.00 Monday to Friday (except Holidays)

From abroad:

Tel.: +49-3018-17-2000

From Germany:

Tel.: 03018-17-2000

E-Mail: buergerservice@diplo.de

Before submitting an inquiry to the Federal Foreign Office, please check whether it has already been answered in our list of the 200 most frequently asked questions.

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