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German Schools Abroad and the Goethe‑Institut are Germany’s global calling cards. The Innovative Learning Excellence Initiative builds on these high‑quality institutions and their wide‑ranging efforts. 

Logo of the Excellence Initiative
Logo of the Excellence Initiative

Creating innovative environments for effective learning

German Schools Abroad and the Goethe‑Institut have the potential to become cutting‑edge learning institutions that can chart a path for the German education system to follow, so that Germany will remain a driver of global progress and innovation.

Quality in education is determined by the following factors:

  • Ensuring that curricula are up to date and well‑aligned with future requirements
    Centres of excellence for innovative learning are tackling cutting‑edge issues. They are, with the help of digital media, devising effective scenarios that promote learning in the fields of technology, computer science, natural sciences and mathematics. By providing students with relevant knowledge, they want to spark their interest in pursuing MINT studies at university. Students are also introduced to entrepreneurial thinking and processes.
  • Maintaining many methods of learning, as well as ensuring that these methods are tailored to the learning objectives and that they provide and optimally support individualised learning.
    Centres of excellence for innovative learning are equipped with suitable learning platorms and networks. They teach media skills across all subject areas, as a prerequisite for active participation in virtual learning environments.
  • Expanding and opening up learning environments by using digital media in innovative ways, with a view to promoting creative, individualised and intercultural learning, and so as to prepare students for future working methods.
    At a minimum, curricula at centres of excellence keep up with current economic and social developments and provide students with the necessary media skills. What is more, future developments are anticipated, so that today’s students will be prepared to meet tomorrow’s requirements.
  • Qualifying instructors to teach their respective subjects with a full range of didactic methods and media tools and devices, so that they can create excellent learning processes, and advise and accompany their students as they learn.
    For students to receive individualised, digital‑media‑based instruction at centres of excellence that gives them the skills and knowledge they will need to navigate tomorrow’s world, teachers must be well qualified and receive thorough training in the digital media. Excellent further training for teachers is therefore an absolute prerequisite. Further training is one of the key elements on which the initiative is built, and it must be implemented during the entire process.

The Innovative Learning Excellence Initiative is a joint initiative of the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Office of Administration’s Central Agency for Schools Abroad.

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