Equality. Universality. Justice. - Judge Hohoff's Vision

Judge Dr. Ute Hohoff at the Federal Court of Justice

Judge Dr. Ute Hohoff at the Federal Court of Justice, © ARTIS - Uli Deck

Dr. Ute Hohoff - German candidate for the ICC judicial elections 2023
Dr. Ute Hohoff - German candidate for the ICC judicial elections 2023© cocoköbel GbR

I am strongly convinced that core crimes which affect the international community as a whole must be resolutely prosecuted. Bringing the perpetrators of such crimes to justice is an essential part of ensuring that fundamental human rights are respected worldwide. In addition, court decisions provide official recognition of the historical truth that crimes have been committed and victims have suffered harm. Therefore, we require a functioning International Criminal Court (ICC) whose methods and decisions meet with widespread acceptance. Proceedings must be conducted fairly and efficiently. ICC decisions should be reasoned clearly and convincingly. Finally and importantly, ICC proceedings must satisfy the principle of equality before the law.

The principle of equality before the law is essential for the acceptance and recognition of the ICC.

I value the work of the ICC not only in terms of the criminal trials and of holding individuals accountable for their crimes, but also for the ambitious system of reparations for harm suffered, a system that takes into account the special character of the elementary crimes dealt with by the Court.

The ICC supports and strengthens the universality of human rights.

By the beginning of my professional career, I had already developed a particular interest in state-orchestrated criminality and macro-criminality in general. The subject of my PhD thesis was the prosecution of judges and prosecutors from the former GDR who were charged with perversion of justice after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In this context, I also worked academically on judicial independence and judicial ethics.

I value ICC-trials for the purpose of establishing the historical truth and delivering justice.

I am committed to the goals of international criminal law and to the ICC and am neither accountable to individual states nor bound by specific interests. My aim is to achieve a thorough understanding of every case that comes before the court and its background. I am aware of the high expectations regarding the work of judges and of the ethics of my position. If elected to this distinguished office, I will perform my duties with commitment and dedication.

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