Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2016 at the Federal Foreign Office on 17-18 March

10.02.2016 - Article

The Conference will bring together high-level energy sector delegates to discuss concepts for an intelligent, sustainable and cost-efficient global energy transition.

The German Government will host the international Energy Transition Dialogue at the Federal Foreign Office from 17 to 18 March. The event is aimed at government and business decision-makers, scientists, interest groups and civil society. Following the successful conclusion of COP21 in Paris, the task now is to discuss concepts for an intelligent, sustainable and cost-efficient energy transition.

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue
Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue© Federal Foreign Office

This is the second such event in this format, following on from the successful 2015 Energy Transition Dialogue. We expect the international energy elite and pioneers in the energy sector to come and discuss concrete, viable concepts for secure, environmentally friendly, economically successful energy systems based on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The Energy Transition Dialogue provides a platform for all stakeholders in the energy sector with the aim of fostering exchange between high-level decision-makers from governments and regulatory bodies, business leaders and heads of associations, leading scientists and civil society representatives – invariably with the concrete goal of implementing the energy transition in their own countries.

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