Why it is high time for nuclear disarmament 

Foreign Minister Maas in the United Nations Security Council

Foreign Minister Maas in the United Nations Security Council, © Thomas Imo/photothek.net

02.04.2019 - Article

Foreign Minister Maas has put a topic on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council that has been neglected for far too long.

At the Security Council meeting on Tuesday (2 April), Maas called for greater international efforts to achieve nuclear disarmament. The agenda of the session, which Germany had convened, included a discussion on the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Maas called upon the nuclear-weapon states to fulfil their obligations under the Treaty and take concrete steps towards disarmament. “That is their duty and that is our expectation,” the Foreign Minister declared.

Key issue for Germany in the Security Council

Important disarmament agreements are coming under pressure all over the world. Germany has therefore made the issue a priority during its Security Council membership. On Monday (1 April), Germany assumed the Chair of the Council for one month. 

Putting disarmament at the top of the agenda

Foreign Minister Maas wants to use the German Chair to put the issue of disarmament back at the top of the international agenda. “World peace continues to be under threat from nuclear weapons. Distrust must not lead us to get caught up in a nuclear arms race,” Maas stated in New York. 

An international change of direction

In the Security Council, the Foreign Minister presented a series of concrete steps to bring about a change of direction back towards nuclear disarmament. They include better communication channels to reduce the risk of escalation, new dialogue formats and improved technical mechanisms to verify nuclear disarmament. Moreover, Maas appealed for the protection of existing international treaties helping to promote disarmament and arms control. “Especially in times of increasingly divergent standpoints, we must preserve the achievements which have proved their worth,” the Foreign Minister said.


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