Towards a secure and open cyberspace: German‑US consultations in Washington

29.03.2016 - Article

Germany and the United States of America held their fourth Cyber Bilateral Meeting on 22 and 23 March in Washington.

The two delegations in the conference room
The two delegations in the conference room© Federal Foreign Office

In addition to talks between senior officials, there was a round-table discussion among German and US stakeholders from the private sector, academia and civil society, resulting in important impetus for the transatlantic dialogue on cyber matters. The main topics were internet governance and national and international cybersecurity. The talks also focused on the protection of human rights in the digital era, the fight against cybercrime and the deletion of online hate propaganda.

In a joint statement, both sides affirmed their commitment to continuing their joint endeavours to promote a peaceful, secure and open cyberspace in which human rights are upheld.

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Joint statement on the German‑US Cyber Bilateral Meeting

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