How Germany works for de-escalation in the Middle East 

On 20 June, a US drone was shot down over the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

On 20 June, a US drone was shot down over the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf., © ZUMA Wire/picture alliance

24.06.2019 - Article

Drones shot down and attacks on merchant ships   developments in recent weeks in the Persian Gulf have shown the great danger of uncontrolled escalation of violence in the Middle East. Germany is working for de-escalation.

Reducing tension, facilitating dialogue

An escalation in the Middle East would have grave consequences which would reverberate far beyond the region itself. Although the Governments in Tehran and Washington have made clear time and again that they have no interest in a military confrontation, there is a major threat of a chain reaction. If this is to be avoided, channels of dialogue must remain open. Germany and its European partners are thus in close contact with all sides to facilitate dialogue and reduce tension.

European cooperation

Germany’s efforts are closely coordinated with the other European participants in the Iran nuclear agreement (JCPoA), France, Britain and the European Union. Alongside Foreign Minister Maas’ trip to Tehran, high-level delegations from the French and British Foreign Ministries and the European External Action Service are travelling to Iran to talk with decision-makers. Foreign Minister Maas has agreed on de-escalation steps in the region with his French counterpart. Furthermore, the top diplomats working on the dossier in the two ministries are in close contact with each other and with the United States.

Upholding the nuclear agreement with Iran

This week the focus will be on upholding the nuclear agreement with Iran which is one element which can contribute to peace in the region. On Friday, the Joint Commission of the JCPoA will meet in Vienna bringing together all participants in the Agreement. The E3, together with China and Russia, want to remind Iran that they expect the full respect and implementation of Iran’s commitments under the Agreement.


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