Building Palestinian security structures

Training course on document security

Training course on document security

03.02.2011 - Article

How do you recognize a forged passport? This is a question which also concerns the police in the Palestinian territories. The German Federal Police has been providing training.

How do you recognize a forged passport? How do you identify a banknote as authentic? These are questions which concern the police in Europe and beyond. In the Palestinian territories as well, the police are interested in using the latest methods and state-of-the-art technology in order to fight organized crime and prevent illegal immigration. The German Federal Police has organized training courses on these subjects in Jericho.

Together with the EU Police Mission in the Palestinian territories (EUPOL COPPS), the German Liaison Office in Ramallah ran four training courses for 64 Palestinian plain-clothes policemen and 9 interior ministry officials.

The courses were conducted by German Federal Police experts in cooperation with the Palestinian police authorities. The participants were trained to recognize forged documents and learned how manipulation-proof passports and other documents are produced. After finishing the course, they are supposed to pass on their knowledge as trainers.

Prerequisite for a two-state solution

Training of Palestinian police© picture-alliance/dpa

Training the security forces is a vital precondition for a viable Palestinian state. To that end, Germany organized an international conference in 2008 at which the international community agreed to make available 242 million US dollars for building a functioning police and judicial system in the Palestinian territories. Germany itself pledged 15 million euro.

As well as providing training courses, Germany has also supported the Palestinian police by promoting infrastructure projects and providing equipment. The German contribution has always been closely coordinated with the EU Police Mission EUPOL COPPS.

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