Maas calls for a constructive stance in the Cyprus conflict  Cyprus

Meeting between Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides

Meeting between Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides, © Janine Schmitz/photothek.net

10.09.2018 - Article

Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides visited Berlin for talks on the Cyprus conflict, EU cohesion in view of Brexit and Cyprus’s regional Engagement.

Maas praised Foreign Minister Christodoulides for the Cypriot Government’s clear pro-European stance and underlined the need for a strong Europe that is capable of taking action in order to assert its shared interests at the international level. This was a Europe that does not distinguish between smaller and larger countries or between North and South, Maas said.

Cyprus conflict

The Foreign Ministers also had an in-depth discussion on the Cyprus conflict, which has divided the island for decades. In order to reach a political settlement, Germany supports the resumption of a negotiation process.

We encourage both Cyprus and Turkey to adopt a constructive stance. Resolving the Cyprus conflict could also help to lend new momentum to relations between the EU and Turkey.

Regional engagement

Cyprus is systematically developing relations with countries in the region, including Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Foreign Minister Maas welcomed this initiative, saying that the country can play an important role in fostering exchange and stability in the Mediterranean through regional cooperation. In this regard, Maas went on to say, the Cypriot Government had Germany’s full Support.

Shared interests on Brexit

As a result of its close economic and societal ties with the UK, Cyprus will be particularly affected by Brexit. Its unconditional support for the joint EU-led negotiations thus sends a particularly strong message of unity. Germany and Cyprus are united in their desire to achieve a close partnership with the UK on trade and internal and external security after its withdrawal from the EU. At the same time, the integrity of the single market is an important goal for Germany. The EU is only strong when it is united, Maas said. Germany and Cyprus both stand for this.



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