Presenting Europe’s perspective: Maas travels to Washington, DC

Foreign Minister Maas in Washington.

Foreign Minister Maas in Washington., © Thomas Imo/photothek.net

18.05.2018 - Article

The relationship between Germany and the US is changing. Foreign Minister Maas will promote European positions on his first official visit.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas travelled to Washington on Monday night (22 May). He will meet his new counterpart Mike Pompeo in the US capital. Meetings with representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties from both the Senate and the House are also scheduled.

Standing up for EU interests

With different positions on the Iran nuclear deal and discussions on trade issues, the change that US foreign policy has undergone is also making itself felt in the country’s relations with Germany and the EU. Foreign Minister Maas will therefore use his first official visit to present Europe’s perspective on the most important transatlantic issues in Washington, DC.

Foreign Minister Maas with Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader of the United States House of Representatives
Foreign Minister Maas with Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader of the United States House of Representatives© Thomas Imo/photothek.net

The transatlantic relationship remains a cornerstone of German foreign policy

Maas recently made it clear that relations with the US will continue to be a cornerstone of German foreign policy. However, Europeans must stand united with respect to the issues under discussion, he said. “We are ready to talk and to negotiate, but also to fight for our positions where necessary,” said Maas.

Furthermore, the Foreign Minister will discuss the crises in Syria and Ukraine with his counterpart Pompeo. Maas is seeking to drive forward a political solution to both conflicts.


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