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Foreign Minister Maas in Washington

Foreign Minister Maas in Washington, © Thomas Imo/photothek.net

28.08.2018 - Article

The Federal Foreign Office’s aim in organising the Deutschlandjahr USA is to promote exchange between Germany and the United States.

The relationship between Germany and America is changing. In response to “America First”, Foreign Minister Maas recently presented a new US strategy, one element of which is a new campaign to revitalise exchange between people on both sides of the Atlantic. The Deutschlandjahr USA will launch in Washington on 3 October. 

Reaching as many people as possible

More than 300 projects involving well over 1000 events are planned for the year, both in the coastal metropolises and in the so-called heartland. The aim of the Deutschlandjahr is to reach not only business and political decision-makers, but rather to give as many people in the United States as possible the chance to experience the countless, multifaceted cultural ties between our countries. 

Americans like Germany

The Deutschlandjahr USA slogan
The Deutschlandjahr USA slogan© Janine Schmitz/photothek.net

According to recent surveys, Germany has a very good image in the United States. One in six Americans claims to have German ancestors. German is the third most popular foreign language taught at schools and colleges. German business – with 4800 companies in the country – is the fourth largest employer. Numerous exchange programmes, initiatives, sponsorship deals and networks enable young people and experts to get to know the partner culture. If this valuable foundation is not to be placed in jeopardy, the priority for the future must be to invest even more in exchange and dialogue.

Culture of freedom creates ties

In the light of the shift in American foreign policy, new cultural initiatives are more important than ever. In the words of Foreign Minister Maas: “The time has come for us to recalibrate the transatlantic partnership – not with the aim of abandoning it, but rather to preserve it.” Germany and the United States are linked by a successful partnership which has a long history, which has withstood many crises and which is built on a strong foundation: a shared culture of freedom and democracy.


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