“Only in a shared Europe do we have a bright future”  Hungary

Minister Gabriel and his Hungarian colleague Peter Szijjártó

Minister Gabriel and his Hungarian colleague Peter Szijjártó, © Auswärtiges Amt

10.01.2018 - Article

In talks with Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó on Wednesday (10 January), Gabriel, despite political differences, emphasised the importance of cooperation in the EU

Fairness and collegiality

Gabriel admitted there were differing views in some fields, for example concerning refugee policy or with a view to the role of the European Union.
“But Europe thrives on these differing views being discussed and settled together in a spirit of absolute fairness and collegiality,” Gabriel emphasised. After all, Germany and Hungary could only have a bright future in a shared Europe.

No division of the EU

For Gabriel, this makes it all the more important to avoid a weakening of the EU. “We neither want to split the EU into north and south nor east and west,” as the Minister pointed out, “and the best way of ensuring this doesn’t happen is talking to one another.”

Close economic and historic ties

There are close economic, historic and also cultural ties between Germany and Hungary. Europe’s largest engine factory, for example, part of the Audi group, is in Györ in Hungary. Numerous small and medium-sized enterprises are also operating in both countries.
“Germany will also never forget that it was Hungary that was the first to open its borders in 1989 and pull the first stone out of the Wall,” as Gabriel also underscored at his meeting with his Hungarian colleague Peter Szijjártó. For the Minister, this explains why the two countries have such close cultural and personal ties.

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