Ukraine: Meeting with human rights defenders in Berlin

29.07.2015 - Article

Andreas Peschke, Federal Foreign Office Director for Eastern Europe, met with representatives of human rights organisations from Ukraine on 28 July.

Ambassador Andreas Peschke, Federal Foreign Office Director for Eastern Europe, met on Tuesday (28 July) with representatives of various human rights organisations from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. Their talks centred on human rights, and especially on the situation in the troubled areas of eastern Ukraine.

A glimpse of the talks
A glimpse of the talks© AA

The human rights defenders had come to Berlin to participate in an expert workshop from 26 to 29 July. This seminar focused on the progress made in planning monitoring missions to record human rights violations, the situation of internally displaced persons and the humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine.

At the meeting on Tuesday, Ambassador Peschke emphasised that Ukraine was an important friend and partner and restated Germany’s commitment to solving the Ukraine conflict. He explained that Germany firmly supported the efforts undertaken by Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and was also continuing to work with France in the “Normandy” format to advance the implementation of the Minsk Agreement by the parties to the conflict.

Peschke underscored that the German Government’s action plan for Ukraine also sought to rebuild the economy in the areas of eastern Ukraine affected by the conflict. He also said that Germany was concerned about the human rights situation, particularly in eastern and southern Ukraine. In conversation with the visitors, Ambassador Peschke stressed how important it was therefore to be able to reliably monitor the human rights situation.

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