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12.02.2016 - Article

At the 9th conference of the German-Nigerian energy partnership, State Secretary Steinlein stressed the key importance of the energy sector for Nigeria’s economic success and stability.

On the fringes of Federal President Gauck’s official visit to Nigeria, the State Secretary of the Federal Foreign Office, Stephan Steinlein, attended the 9th annual conference of the German-Nigerian energy partnership in Abuja on Wednesday (10 February).

View of the hybrid facility
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In his address to the conference, Steinlein emphasised how crucial a close and lively partnership with Africa’s largest economy and democracy is. Germany had a major interest in foreign-policy terms in a stable, economically successful Nigeria, he said, and the energy sector was key in this regard.

Visible successes for the energy partnership

State Secretary Steinlein highlighted the successes of the energy partnership since its establishment in 2008, including the current development of the first solar power plants for northern Nigeria. He also pointed out that over the past few years, with support from the German Government, a solid framework had been created for the use of renewables and for improving energy efficiency in Nigeria.

Following the annual conference, State Secretary Steinlein and his Nigerian counterpart from the Energy Ministry chaired the 4th session of the electricity/energy working group of the German-Nigerian Binational Commission. Steinlein invited Energy Minister Fashola to the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, which will take place at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin on 17 and 18 March. Germany is thus continuing its intensive energy cooperation with Nigeria under the Buhari Government.

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