Minister of State Annen in Mexico: close cooperation in a spirit of trust Mexico

Chamber of Deputies of the Mexican Congress of the Union

Chamber of Deputies of the Mexican Congress of the Union, © Federal Foreign Office

09.12.2018 - Article

Andrés Manuel Lopéz Obrador was sworn in as the new President of the United Mexican States at a ceremony on 1 December. Minister of State Niels Annen attended the inauguration ceremony on behalf of the Federal Government.

High ranking guests from over 40 countries attended the inauguration ceremony in the Chamber of Deputies. 

Minister of State Annen in conversation with Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Ebrard
Minister of State Annen in conversation with Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Ebrard© Federal Foreign Office

Following lunch with his international guests, President López Obrador delivered his first address to the nation. Immediately after his arrival, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office Niels Annen met the new Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the new Head of the Presidential Office and the two new State Secretaries for the rule of law, human rights and migration as well as public participation at the Ministry of the Interior.

Humboldt Year 2019 as an opportunity

In their talks, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard reiterated that Mexico intended to continue to work closely with Germany in the United Nations, for instance on the issues of climate protection and sustainability.

From left to right: Ms Álvarez , Mr Annen, Mr Encinas , Ambassador Tempel
Meeting with the new State Secretaries of the Mexican Ministry of the Interior: Mr Encinas (second from right) and Ms Álvarez (left). Always at their side: German Ambassador Peter Tempel© Federal Foreign Office

The new government intends to use multilateral forums to continue its strong commitment and to support the alliance of multilateralists initiated by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Minister of State Annan and his Mexican counterparts considered the Humboldt Year 2019 to be a major opportunity to deepen the close ties between Germany and Mexico still further. They also discussed the scope for and ways to achieve closer German Mexican cooperation in the dual system of vocational training, as well as in research and development.

Tackling impunity and corruption

Panoramic shot of Mexico City
Panoramic shot of Mexico City© Federal Foreign Office

During his two day visit, Minister of State Annen also met various representatives from civil society and smaller opposition parties in order to discuss, among other issues, the new government’s strategies for tackling impunity and corruption. Minister of State Annen had the following to say in this regard:

I expressly welcome the fact that Mexico, immediately after the inauguration of its new President, is taking very concrete steps to continue to promote the rule of law and human rights with the establishment of a truth commission to investigate crimes.

German business in Mexico on the upswing

Mexico’s ongoing great potential for German investment was emphasised during talks with representatives from the German business community. Minister of State Annen welcomed the fact that German companies are continuing to grow in Mexico and that the majority are planning investments in the coming year and are looking to create new jobs in the region.

Minister of State Annen issued the following statement at the end of his visit to Mexico:

During my talks with representatives from the new Mexican Government, it was clear that Mexico and Germany enjoy excellent relations and that the new Mexican Government has a keen interest in intensifying our cooperation. In view of its geographic location and economic development, Mexico is an important partner and an anchor of stability in the region with which we intend to cooperate even more closely in the future.


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