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10.06.2015 - Article

Minister of State Roth met Foreign Minister Asselborn for talks in Berlin on 9 June. Top of the agenda were the preparations for Luxembourg’s assumption of the EU Council Presidency on 1 July.

Asselborn and Roth
Asselborn and Roth© AA

Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth met with Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn of Luxembourg for talks in Berlin on Tuesday (9 June). Their discussions focused on the preparations for Luxembourg’s EU Council Presidency, which will commence on 1 July and run through the second half of 2015.

Following the meeting, Minister of State Roth underscored that migration, employment and social cohesion within the EU were particularly pressing issues, to which “we Europeans must find joint answers.” He continued:

Luxembourg will have a key role to play in this regard over the coming months in its capacity as Presidency of the Council of the European Union. I am confident that with its experience and deep commitment to Europe, progress will be made on the European project under Luxembourg’s command. I most particularly support our neighbour’s wish to further strengthen the EU’s social agenda.

The EU needs to act collaboratively

Roth and Asselborn both stressed that the solutions to the current problems could only be found at European level. “The refugee catastrophes of the past months have shown us that we need joint, collaborative action by all member states.”

The same was required, they said, for the further economic recovery the EU needs. The main issue in this context was, they continued, reducing the current high levels of youth unemployment. Both politicians reaffirmed that all means had to be used to this purpose, and made reference in particular to the freshly forged European Fund for Strategic Investments.

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