Standing by Syria’s neighbour – Maas in Jordan  Jordan

Foreign Minister Maas with a Syrian refugee family in Jordan.

Foreign Minister Maas with a Syrian refugee family in Jordan., © Thomas Koehler/photothek.net

09.04.2018 - Article

Jordan has taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees. During his visit to Amman, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas underlined that Germany will continue to stand by the country.    

Foreign Minister Maas with his Jordan counterpart Safadi.
Foreign Minister Maas with his Jordan counterpart Safadi.© Thomas Koehler/photothek.net

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has travelled to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the 4th of April 2018. There, he met Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi in the capital Amman. His programme also included a visit to a refugee camp and talks with aid organisation officials.

The focus of his trip has been on the wide-ranging support Germany is providing to Jordan to help the country deal with the effects of the conflict in Syria. The war, which has been raging for seven years, has a dramatic impact on the small neighbouring country. Over 500,000 people have sought refuge from violence and terror in Jordan, which itself has a population of only nine million. In addition, the shared border with Syria poses major security problems to the country.

Over a billion euros in aid from Germany

Foreign Minister Maas at a refugee camp in Al Azraq, Jordan.
Foreign Minister Maas at a refugee camp in Al Azraq, Jordan.© Thomas Koehler/photothek.net

Germany is making huge investments so that Jordan can continue providing help as a stable nation to the hundreds of thousands of refugees. Since 2012, Germany has provided over a billion euros in aid. Among other things, this funding has been used for humanitarian assistance to provide care in refugee camps and to train paramedics and police officers. Germany is thus taking a wide-ranging approach in order to enable Jordan to cope with the crisis.

Jordan is one of Germany’s most important partner countries in the Middle East. In a region that has suffered violence and terror for decades, the country has constantly lobbied for constructive solutions. Foreign Minister Maas’ talks with his Jordanian counterpart thus also focused on how the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians can finally get off the ground again. 

Partners in the fight against ISIS

Foreign Minister Maas visiting the German counter-Daesh contingent at the Jordanian air base in Al Azraq
Foreign Minister Maas visiting the German counter-Daesh contingent at the Jordanian air base in Al Azraq© Thomas Koehler/photothek.net

Germany and Jordan also work closely together in the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS. Since 2017, the German contingent’s reconnaissance and refuelling aircraft flights over Syria and Iraq have taken off from Jordan. On Thursday, 5th of April 2018, Foreign Minister Maas met Bundeswehr soldiers who are currently stationed at Al Azrak air base.


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