“Partnership with Georgia a real success story” Georgia

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas with his Georgian counterpart David Zalkaliani

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas with his Georgian counterpart David Zalkaliani, © Xander Heinl/photothek.net

02.07.2018 - Article

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas assures his Georgian opposite number David Zalkaliani of Germany’s full support for Georgia’s efforts to move closer to the EU during the latter’s visit.

Germany is keen to see Georgia and the region as a whole move closer to the European Union. Heiko Maas assured Foreign Minister Zalkaliani:

Our friendship and our partnership are a real success story. We are firmly committed to supporting Georgia’s efforts to forge closer ties with the EU. The fact that all Georgians have finally been able to enter the EU without a visa since last year is an important milestone. Georgia has initiated reforms at an impressive pace and is thus leading the way in the region. The task now is to persevere, for example in the justice sector.

NATO partner

Georgia is also one of NATO’s closest partners. It has made almost 900 troops available for the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan. Heiko Maas stressed that “Georgian soldiers were the first to come to the aid of our colleagues following the terrorist attack on the German Consulate General in Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan in autumn 2017. For this, we remain very grateful.”

Georgia will also be represented at this month’s NATO summit. “This, too, is a clear testimony to our close partnership”, stated the Foreign Minister. “We stand shoulder to shoulder with you on security issues. That also applies to the conflict regions. For us, Georgia’s territorial integrity is not up for negotiation.”

Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Georgia is the Guest of Honour at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. More than 70 Georgian authors will be represented there. Heiko Maas said, “These books show that people in Georgia have a European mindset and feel European in many ways. In Tbilisi, the EU flag flies alongside the Georgian flag over Parliament: you can see the blue flag with the yellows stars all over the city. Greater consideration has to be given to this in our policies and we have to offer more to countries like Georgia.”


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