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23.06.2017 - Article

Gabriel and Le Drian draw up new strategies for a stronger EU.

Foreign Minister Gabriel is planning new initiatives for a stronger Europe together with his counterpart Jean‑Yves Le Drian. The two Ministers met in Paris today (23 June) to prepare for the Franco-German Council of Ministers on 13 July.

Foreign Minister Gabriel with his counterpart Le Drian.
Foreign Minister Gabriel with his counterpart Le Drian.© photothek.net

Foreign Minister Gabriel travelled to Paris on Friday (23 June) to develop new Franco-German strategies for European cooperation together with his French counterpart Jean‑Yves Le Drian. This new initiative will be launched at the Franco-German Council of Ministers in July.

Making Europe stronger

“We must not leave it to others to decide Europeans’ fate”, said Gabriel in Paris. Together with Le Drian, he called for a “stronger Europe”. The two Foreign Minister emphasised that Europe should be strengthened both internally and externally. Measures included a European approach to combating youth unemployment and greater cooperation in foreign and defence policy, they added.

Franco-German cooperation is a priority

Working together for a stronger Europe: Gabriel in Paris
Working together for a stronger Europe: Gabriel in Paris© photothek.net

The Franco-German Council of Ministers meets at least once each year with the two cabinets convening for a joint meeting. These meetings are coordinated by the Foreign Ministers. Cooperation between Germany and France is therefore coordinated directly at the highest political level. Regular consultations have been held between the two Governments since the signing of the Élysée Treaty in 1963. On the 40th anniversary of the Treaty in 2003, these consultations were then replaced by annual ministerial councils.

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