New centers of power – managing globalisation

16.02.2014 - Article

Germany’s foreign policy seeks to take advantage of the opportunities presented by globalisation.  In its strategy paper on cooperating with new international players, the German Government outlines how it intends to manage globalisation.

A view of Shanghai
Economic upswings influence international politics© dpa / picture alliance

Europe and the transatlantic partnership remain the cornerstones of German foreign policy. However, German foreign policy is also forging and expanding partnerships with new players such as China, India and Brazil. Economically and politically they play an increasingly important role in the world.

“Shaping globalisation, expanding partnerships, sharing responsibility”

In February 2012, the German Government approved a strategy paper entitled “Shaping globalisation – expanding partnerships – sharing responsibility”, which provides the basis for even closer cooperation with these countries on issues arising from globalisation.

Shaping Globalization – Expanding Partnerships – Sharing Responsibility PDF / 973 KB

New regional strategies for Latin America and Africa emphasise the dynamic development of these regions.

Respect for human rights is the best peace policy there can be. Tenacious campaigning for universal and inviolable human rights is an important part of a value-oriented foreign policy. In this context Germany also works hard to promote the rule of law.

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