“Greater engagement for a fair international order” 

Foreign Minister Maas at the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Buenos Aires.

Foreign Minister Maas at the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Buenos Aires., © Thomas Imo/photothek.net

18.05.2018 - Article

At the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Buenos Aires, Maas called for binding rules for the international order and global trade.

At the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Argentina, Foreign Minister Maas called for efforts to strengthen the United Nations and adherence to the rules of global free trade. “More than ever before we need to work to create a fair, just and rules-based international order,” Maas declared, speaking in Buenos Aires on Monday. The overriding theme of the conference in the Argentine capital is how the G20 can promote fair and sustainable development worldwide. For example, the Foreign Ministers will discuss how to boost investment in infrastructure in developing countries more effectively and how to guarantee the food supply for the growing global population. The issue of education and the future of work will also be discussed at the summit.

Heiko Maas with Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir in Buenos Aires.
Heiko Maas with Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir in Buenos Aires.© Thomas Imo/photothek.net

Climate, migration, trade: why the G20 is relevant

Germany is in no doubt that no state is capable of resolving problems such as climate change, global migration flows and trade conflicts single handedly. In an interconnected world, cooperation and exchange across borders are more important than ever. In Germany’s view it is therefore particularly crucial that the international community agrees on binding rules that apply equally to all countries. Formats such as the G20 meetings are vital to this end. They bring government leaders from all over the world together to consider how global problems can be resolved.

Including Africa

Argentine G20 Presidency logo
Argentine G20 Presidency logo© g20.org

To achieve this, it is not enough for just the representatives of the countries with the most economic clout to talk to one another. Germany is therefore pushing for the greater involvement of African countries in the G20 format. As the host of the last G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany established the G20 Africa Partnership and launched an investment partnership initiative with African states.

Promoting free and fair world trade

One of the most important prerequisites for an increase in global prosperity is free and fair trade. For this reason, Germany is also working within the context of the G20 to prevent protectionism and ensure that the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are respected.


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