Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels – Europe is committed to the nuclear agreement 

Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels

Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels, © EU

28.05.2018 - Article

At the Foreign Affairs Council – the monthly meeting of EU Foreign Ministers – on 28 May, the focus was on Iran and Venezuela. Michael Roth, Minister of State for Europe, underlined the need to talk about Iran’s role in the region on the basis of the nuclear agreement.

Following the United States’ announced withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, the EU Foreign Ministers sought a way to uphold the agreement at their monthly meeting. On arrival in Brussels, the Minister of State for Europe said: 

The EU is committed to this nuclear agreement. It is in our own most fundamental security interests. We must do our utmost to ensure that this nuclear deal has a future. To this end, it is essential that Iran itself adheres to the commitments it has made. As far as we are concerned, the nuclear agreement stands. However, we also need to talk about Iran’s responsibility in the region. And we need to talk about how Iran’s ballistic missile programme can be ended.

Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels
Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels© EU

Roth said that the United States’ threat of sanctions had not made matters easier. It was now necessary to look very closely at what was possible. It was important that the EU stand united on this issue and not send different messages, he added.

The situation in Venezuela was also on the EU Foreign Ministers’ agenda. The EU does not regard the recent presidential elections in the country as free, fair or transparent.

“We believe that new elections must be held, in part to regain the trust that has been lost. We expect the Venezuelan Government to finally grant access to international organisations so that the humanitarian emergency faced by the population can be alleviated,” Roth said.



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