Let’s talk about Europe – dialogue series launched on the future of Europe

22.05.2018 - Article

“In a vibrant democracy like Germany’s, we need more dialogue, more interaction with the public,” said Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth.

Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth at a Citizens’ Dialogue event
Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth at a Citizens’ Dialogue Event © AA

Alongside France’s Minister for European Affairs, Nathalie Loiseau, Minister of State Michael Roth met 60 young European citizens in Berlin on 15 May 2018 to talk about Europe. Organised by the Schwarzkopf Foundation, the event was part of a series of dialogue forums being held across Europe between April and autumn 2018. The audience of highly engaged young people outlined their ideas for a Young European agenda covering support for the EU, digital technology, regional differences within the EU and institutional Reform.

Consulting the European public

The German Government is keen to bring discussion about the future of Europe into the mainstream. Public dialogue events held throughout the country will allow members of the public to engage in debate about tomorrow’s EU. The aim of the dialogue is to provide scope for articulating positive and formative experiences as well as voicing concerns, criticism and desires. Most particularly, the idea is for people to have an opportunity to talk about their views on the European project and about what Europe contributes in concrete terms to their everyday lives and to Germany as a whole. The focus will be on the views and opinions of the public.

Let’s talk about Europe – the Citizen’s Dialogue logo
Let’s talk about Europe – the Citizen’s Dialogue logo© BPA

What happens to the results?

The German Government will start evaluating the results of the consultation in November 2018. It expects to initially present the views and information gathered in Germany in December 2018. It will then engage in in depth analysis of the results at national and European level as well as continued dialogue with the public.


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