Tackling current crises together: E3 meeting in Paris

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at the meeting of the E3 in Paris

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at the meeting of the E3 in Paris, © Thomas Trutschel/ photothek.de

11.11.2019 - Article

Germany, France and the United Kingdom are working closely together with regard to Syria, in the fight against ISIS and on Iran. Foreign Minister Maas is meeting his colleagues in Paris to discuss current challenges and courses of action.

Syria: Situation in the north east and political process

With regard to the Turkish military offensive in north eastern Syria, Germany’s priority is for Turkey to fulfil five expectations:

  • Complying with the ceasefire
  • Ensuring humanitarian access for aid organisations in the regions under Turkish control
  • Complying with the criteria of the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR with regard to the repatriation of Syrian refugees
  • Continuing the joint fight against the terrorist organisation ISIS
  • Supporting the political process for Syria

Foreign Minister Maas wants to discuss with his British and French partners how these expectations can be met, in dialogue with Turkey.

In addition, the E3 in Paris intend to reach an agreement on how they can strengthen the path towards a political process within the framework of the UN. Germany is supporting the mediation efforts of the United Nations in the constitutional committee on Syria in Geneva as well as the efforts to formulate measures for a political process in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254.

The fight against ISIS: Safeguarding progress, facilitating stabilisation

The partial withdrawal of the United States and Turkey’s military offensive present serious challenges for the international fight against ISIS. Although the terrorist organisation no longer occupies any territory and has been weakened by the death of its leader Al-Baghdadi, ISIS continues to pose a threat to the region and to Europe. The focus is not only on military engagement, but also on stabilising the areas that have been liberated from ISIS in Iraq and north-eastern Syria. In Paris, the E3 therefore intend to discuss how the fight against ISIS can and should continue following the events of the past few weeks.

Iran: Return to compliance with the JCPoA by Tehran

The Government in Tehran has undertaken wide-ranging steps to disengage from the country’s commitments under the nuclear agreement with Iran (JCPoA). With the recommencement of uranium enrichment activities at the underground enrichment facility in Fordo, Iran is violating the JCPoA and jeopardising the entire agreement in Germany’s view. The E3 are the European signatories of the nuclear agreement with Iran, alongside Russia, China and Iran. In recent months the E3 have been actively striving to keep the JCPoA intact. In Paris, the foreign ministers intend to discuss how Iran can be made to change course and return to full compliance with the agreement.


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