2018 Weimar Triangle prize for civil society engagement – apply by 30 April 2018!

The countries of the Weimar Triangle: Poland, France and Germany

The countries of the Weimar Triangle: Poland, France and Germany, © Michael Gottschalk/photothek.net

05.03.2018 - Article

Each year, the Weimar Triangle Association and the Mayor of the City of Weimar award the Weimar Triangle prize for civil society engagement. The prize honours the achievements of trilateral projects from France, Poland and Germany.

The origins of the Weimar Triangle

France, Poland and Germany have cooperated closely with each other since 1991. The foreign ministers and ministers for European affairs of the three countries meet regularly in the Weimar Triangle format to discuss current political issues.

Civil society underpinnings

The Weimar Triangle is also invigorated by civil society activities. Numerous projects in the fields of culture, education, sport and music serve to strengthen the friendship between the three countries. The Weimar Triangle Association was established in 2010 and has become the point of contact for activities which not only strengthen trilateral relations but which also involve other European countries.

Recognition of exceptional trilateral projects

The Weimar Triangle prize is being awarded for the seventh time. It is conferred on projects which make an outstanding contribution to promoting understanding between the three countries and which foster the European ideal, especially amongst children and adolescents.
Applications must be submitted by 30 April 2018. For further information click here (in German).


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