Investments and the Digital Agenda

23.10.2015 - Article

The three-track approach of investments, structural reforms and budget consolidation aimed at growth forms the heart of a new start in European policy.

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The investment rate has been declining in Europe for many years, but the EU is working to change this via its Strategic Agenda of summer 2014. The new European Commission’s Investment Plan for Europe is also creating real European added-value by focusing on the industries of tomorrow and expanding strategic infrastructure.

Find out more about the Investment Plan for Europe on the European Commission’s website:


The EU’s Digital Agenda for Europe is at the heart of the growth policy of the new European Commission led by President Jean-Claude Juncker and the (German) Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Günther Oettinger. The European Commission launched the Digital Agenda for Europe in 2010 as one of seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The aim is to foster innovation and economic growth by making better use of information and communications technology (ICT). Given the great economic momentum in the field of digital technologies and their economic and social impact, relevant topics and legislative dossiers (e.g. the Digital Single Market Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation) are becoming increasingly important. The aim of enhancing these fields is to create a genuine digital single market in the EU, to promote innovative ICT in Europe, and to support Industry 4.0 (the use of IT in industrial production) and thus sustainable value-added in Europe.

At the national level, the German Government has amalgamated its goals for the digital sector in its Digital Agenda for Germany, which was adopted by the Cabinet on 19 August 2014 and is coordinated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The Digital Agenda describes seven national policy action areas for digital expansion (including the seventh action area, European and international dimensions of the Digital Agenda). The Federal Foreign Office provides guidance, particularly on issues related to the coherence and goals of European and national measures.

Find out more about the Digital Agenda for Europe on the European Commission’s website:


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