A human rights expert from EUPOL RD Congo giving a presentation

A human rights expert from EUPOL RD Congo giving a presentation, © EUPOL-RDC

18.04.2012 - Article

EUPOL RD Congo was established in July 2007 as the successor mission to EUPOL Kinshasa. The advice and support mission operates in the sphere of security sector reform (SSR), helping to develop a multi-ethnic police force which interacts well with the criminal justice authorities and upholds legal standards (particularly in relation to sexual violence). By providing mentoring, monitoring and advising (MMA) in this field, the mission is contributing to stabilization of the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Mission headquarters are in Kinshasa, and outposts have been established in the east of the country.

The mission’s approximately 40 members come from EU member states and work alongside locally employed staff. They include civilian personnel seconded from Germany.

Information on the Democratic Republic of the Congo from the Center for International Peace Operations

A country profile from the Federal Foreign Office

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