EUFOR ALTHEA Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bundeswehr military police in EUFOR’s Rajlovac base near Sarajevo (file photo)

Bundeswehr military police in EUFOR’s Rajlovac base near Sarajevo (file photo), © picture-alliance/ ZB

18.04.2012 - Article

In summer 2004, the EU decided to take over the responsibilities which had to date been fulfilled in Bosnia by the NATO led SFOR, with effect from December 2004. These responsibilities basically involve carrying out a UN mandate (under Chapter VII of the UN Charter) to help implement the provisions of the Dayton Peace Agreement and maintain a secure, stable environment. The mission is also intended to help develop the Bosnian Ministry of Defence and support the International Criminal Tribunal.

The operation is run from NATO headquarters by the deputy of the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, under the Berlin-Plus Agreement between NATO and the EU. If the need arises, the soldiers deployed in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be reinforced at short notice by KFOR troops from Kosovo as well as over-the-horizon forces (particularly Bundeswehr units). Germany makes a very small contribution to staffing on the ground alongside its major provision of over-the-horizon forces.

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